Our Mission

  • The Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation is an independent, non-profit, school community-based organization, dedicated to enriching the lives and learning opportunities of all Nassau BOCES students. Our goal is to secure and allocate funding that supports our programs and staff, encourages creative ideas, and enhances educational experiences. We actively seek donations and grants to empower students and promote excellence in education.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to create a thriving educational environment where every student has access to innovative programs, resources, and experiences that inspire lifelong learning and success. We envision a community that values education as a catalyst for growth, equity, and positive change.

Our Values

  • Commitment:  We are dedicated to the success of every student. Our commitment drives us to advocate for equitable access, foster collaboration, and champion educational excellence.

    Community:  We believe in the power of community engagement. By cultivating partnerships with education partners, school district program administrators, businesses and industry leaders, we strengthen educational pathways and create lasting impacts.

    Compassion:  We endeavor to establish a culture where every student feels acknowledged and valued, creating an environment of empathy and understanding.

    Innovation:  We embrace creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking. We strive to fund programs that ignite curiosity, promote critical thinking, and prepare students for a dynamic future.

    Stewardship:  We responsibly manage resources to maximize their impact. Transparency, accountability, and ethical practices guide our financial decisions as we support educational initiatives.

Grants in Action: Since 2007, the Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation has awarded more than 336 grants totaling over $650,000 to benefit thousands of Nassau BOCES students.